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                  Centrifuge Manufacturing Expert

                  Environmental Protection | Energy Saving | Technology | High Efficiency | Automation

                  | EN

                  In 1953

                  Build factory

                  In 1970

                  Started production of centrifuges

                  51 years

                  Centrifuge manufacturing experience

                  Jiangsu Saideli Pharmaceutical Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a high-tech scientific research and production enterprise. Established in 1953, our head office is located in Jingjiang City of Jiangsu Province in the economically developed Yangtze River Delta region of China. Now, Saideli enjoys a unique economic environment and geographical position, as well as a beautiful environment: situated at the north end of the Jiangyin Changjiang Highway Bridge, Saideli is adjacent to Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, Nanjing-Tongji Expressway, Tongsan Expressway and Yanjiang Expressway, and can reach to Shanghai and Nanjing city easily. As a professional manufacturer of centrifugal and drying equipment, Saideli now is the Member Unit of China Separation Machinery Standardization Technical Committee...


                  Saideli North Plant

                  Covers an area of 80 acres,
                  Production of automatic centrifuges

                  Huangqiao Factory

                  Covering an area of 300 acres,
                  Production of MVR, multi-effect evaporation system, two-in-one, three-in-one equipment

                  Saidli South Plant

                  Covers an area of 80 acres,
                  Production of ordinary centrifuges, sedimentation, disc, disc screw centrifuges

                  Saideli Ecological Park

                  Covering an area of 180 acres

                  Centrifuge Manufacturing Expert

                  Environmental Protection | Energy Saving | Technology | High Efficiency | Automation

                  Horizontal centrifuge series


                  Vertical centrifuge series


                  Suspension centrifuge / centrifugal dryer / pressure drum filter


                  Filtration/washing/drying (triple play)


                  Dryer equipment


                  Pressure vessel series


                  Disc centrifuge









                  MORE >>

                  Technology Exchange

                  Saideli peaople focus their attention to the latest technology in separation area continuously. They cooperate with Switzerland Ferrum Company, Germany Fima Company with several-directional technical cooperation, thus Saideli keeps its leading space amoung the world separation area.The leaders stipulates the core management strategy...

                  R & D

                  Since the beginning of nineteen seventies, Saideli has always insisting the development strategy "of establish the enterprise with science and technology" and set up a technical innovation system under the leadership of the president Mr. Gu Gensheng It sets technology R&D organization, implements processing development and finds out technology solution...

                  Quality assurance

                  Saideli considers the quality as its life. In order to ensure the product quality of each product, Saideli establishes completed quality inspection guarantee system and possesses a professional inspection group. All the products have been made strictly in accordance with ISO9001:2000. The company introduces dynamic balance, magnetic powder crack detection...


                  Saideli deeply understands the connotation of brand and the range of quality Therefore, at the time of raising the product quality, it never forgets the construction and improvement of service quality system. The company has been always holding the service ideology of "customer first" and think about every need of customers and meet all requirements of customers...


                  After-sales team

                  Saideli has a complete after-sales service team and has established 20 after-sales service outlets nationwide, including Chongqing, Shangyu, Duqiao, Cangzhou, Shaoxing, Weifang, Taiyuan, etc.

                  Respond within 1 hour, solve the problem within 24 hours

                  Saideli can make an appointment for on-site centrifuge operation and maintenance training.

                  Appointment for on-site service

                  Saideli organizes training courses on equipment use and maintenance, invites customers to the company for training 3-4 times a year, regularly visits customers, and helps customers update.

                  Operation and maintenance training course

                  Jiangsu Saideli Pharmaceutical Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

                  ■  Address: No. 31, Zhongzhou Road, Jingjiang City, Jiangsu Province, China ■  Zip code: 214500
                  ■  Chairman and General Manager: Gu Gensheng ■  Hotline: Manager Geng +86-13901426146 
                  ■  Chairman's Office: +86-523-84808298 , +86-13901426628       Manager Wu +86-18861028088
                  ■  Sales Hotline: +86-523-84808886 , +86-523-84805796 , +86-18861028088(Manager Wu) ■  Foreign Trade Department: +86-523-84808395
                  ■  After-sales service: +86-523-84808883 ■  Switchboard: +86-523-84805279
                  ■  Fax: +86-523-84808995 ■  E-mail: sales@saideli.com
                  ■  URL: http://www.polloveiculos.com  

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                  Copyright(C)2021, Jiangsu Saideli Pharmaceutical Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Supported by ChinaChemNet ChemNet Toocle Copyright Notice 備案序號:蘇ICP備05035753號

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